we are media production professionals

The Founders

We are three brothers born and raised in the mountains of Northern Utah. With thorough experience in concept & script development, pre-production, cinematography, video editing, post production, artistic design, 2D/3D animation and programming, we have the skills needed to produce excellent visual experiences for our clients and their customers.

Even when we aren't doing work for clients, we spend our time making awesome stuff, whether it's behind the camera, with pencil in hand, or creating video games for old video game systems... you know... just for kicks. We love all things visual!


 Jacob Thorup



Thor Media, LLC

Working with dozens of Utah’s top professional video production companies and hundreds of industry professionals over the years, Jacob Thorup, Thor Media's president and founder, was increasingly sought ­after for solutions, feedback and creative ideas on how to improve outcomes for his clients, and their customers.

In February 2011, Thor Media LLC launched, dedicated to supporting small­ and medium­-sized business growth and increasing client referrals, retention and recruitment. Thor Media does this by making “personal” connections and demonstrating genuine value through development and production of engaging, educational and storytelling videos.

“Our corporate culture is anything but corporate”, says Jacob.  “Our track record of success has been built on being genuine, friendly and approachable. We enjoy and welcome the opportunity to serve potential clients by talking through any projects and how video can serve them. We are here to serve our clients in getting results.”  

Past and current Thor Media clients include: Overstock.com, Zion’s Bank, University of Utah, National Geographic, Walmart, The Biggest Loser, and more.