Our focus is to eliminate the distraction and stress associated with event videography. You can rest assured knowing that our experienced professionals conduct thorough pre-production planning and coordination so you won’t need to worry about a thing. Our event videography can include fun and memorable behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, close-ups and more. Don’t miss out on capturing important business or life events. Call now to book us for your next event!


Before the Event

Create stunning video that will be presented on stage or as promotional materials for your convention. This is a great tool to multiply your efforts. A sizzle reel of last year’s convention for social media or a broadcast commercial are superb uses of video to capture your audience's attention.

During the Event

Every convention takes a huge amount of effort to put together. Leverage the value of that effort with video coverage. From a simple highlight video to complete live-streaming coverage of the entire event, video creates a tangible, replicable asset that can be used to promote your conference event over the coming year.


Trade Shows


Making your presence known in an industry is vital to your business’s success. Attending trade shows puts you in front of motivated decision makers who are your future clients. A video playing in your booth will draw people in and maximize your efforts in conveying your message, establishing credibility and capturing new clients.


Creating a highlight video of you attending the trade show is a great way to show your involvement in the industry, build rapport and establish credibility. Take it a step further and collaborate with your industry power partners to share audience and gain greater reach and more sales.




Promoting your conference is vital to it’s success, using video in your marketing is a great way to grab people's attention, expand marketing efforts and increase attendance.


Providing your conference in video form creates a value-add to sponsors, attendees and those who were unable to attend. This is a great way to build your audience, promote future events and generate additional income. Multiply the value of your efforts through video coverage, interviews with speakers, break-out sessions, highlight videos, etc.



Before the Event

A successful product launch is vital for your business. Create a compelling video that engages, educates and sells your products or services. Overcome concerns and provide your sales team, distributors and super fans with a tool to promote your newest offering.

During the Event

When you have a launch event, be sure to multiply your reach through “live streaming” video to an unlimited audience via social media. Use this content to drive leads and engagement.




Creating a video of your seminar allows you to cost effectively duplicate your efforts in a way that is otherwise impossible. Your seminar is now a product. This product can generate additional income and give you valuable feedback for designing future seminars.



Recognition of individual and team efforts is a critical and effective way to increase production, retention and loyalty. Express and elevate that recognition through a video that highlights their accomplishments and inspires others. Whether it’s a simple photo montage, interviews with colleagues or highlighting an honoree's career history, creating a video for your next ceremonial event will establish an atmosphere of distinction and pride.

In booth trade show video.

Conference opener video