Video has proven to be far superior to text and images when it comes to conveying information and creating emotional connections. Whether you are trying to communicate, educate or showcase company culture, video is the way to go! Explore below to see a few of the ways you can use video to revolutionize your internal communication.

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Careers Page

Your careers page is the first place on your website job seekers will explore. Having videos for your business is a great way to connect with job seekers and leave them with a positive impression of your business. Give potential applicants a genuine feel for who your company is and if it would be a good personal fit.



Save time and money with a more efficient and effective means of on-boarding. Video has been proven to be a far better teaching tool than text and images combined. Allow new employees to learn and orient themselves with greater ease than by reading employee handbooks or viewing presentation slides.


Training & Education

Video is the ideal way  to continue training and education in your business. Complex ideas can be easily explained and supported with visuals and graphics emphasizing key areas. This provides for higher retention rates and a more positive learning experience. Making these videos available to you employees avoids the costly practice of gathering all employees together at once and it allows for materials to be accessed later.


Corporate Announcements & Company News

Video is a great way to communicate corporate announcements and company news in a more compelling way. Video allows concepts and information to be conveyed simply and in a way that can be easily understood. Additionally, by offering employees the opportunity to connect with a face, your message will be far more impactful.