Special effects (visual effects, VFX) are used to clarify and emphasize key elements of your video and message. They add energy, focus, potency and measurable impact to your story and increase the value of your content. This drives increased engagement, retention, and conversion (R.O.I.). 

Effectively creating and incorporating special effects requires technical skills, an understanding of human behavior, and a seasoned, artistic eye. With over a decade of experience and success in this specialization, Thor Media is the go-to resource for video outcome optimization.  

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Modeling & Texturing

After scripting and storyboarding, most special effects start with modeling and texturing. These services create the basis of general objects, products, environments, titles, characters, or physics simulations. Really just about anything that doesn’t really exist, but needs to be in your video, starts to realize itself here.

This takes a highly specialized, technical skill set, coupled with an artistic eye to execute well. This influences the final look and feel of your video, taking it from realistic to extremely stylized.


Object & Character Animation

Animation is considered the art of motion within the animation industry. Being able to understand how and why something moves the way it does is a developed skill. Whether you are animating a box or a room full of objects, understanding and effectively applying the art of animation can make all the difference.


2D & 3D Motion Graphics

When we combine pictures, words, letters and symbols, with audio and/or existing footage, they add additional depth and reinforcement to your content. Using motion graphics can be as simple as animating your phone number onto the screen to ensure that people see it. Motion graphics can bring more subliminal depth to your message like leaves falling in the background to reinforce the message of a fall sale and “falling” prices.


Physics Simulation

Working with real smoke, fire, water and explosions for video can be time consuming and expensive, not to mention dangerous. 3D physics simulations provide solutions to incorporate these kinds of effects into videos. Real world effects like fire and water can not only be created, but they can also be controlled. This opens the gates to new ideas for any type of video. 


Rendering & Compositing

The final images used for your video are all that matter at the end of the day. Simple and advanced compositing and rendering techniques are used to combine special effects with live action footage and are used to enhance fully computer-generated video. 

This is where the magic happens, and it helps accomplish things like lighting, motion and camera tracking, color correction and color grading.