Video has become the driving force of marketing and sales. This is because it has the ability to engage the viewer, evoke emotion and inspire action in ways that no other medium can. Whether you’re trying to create an impression when introducing your brand, nurture qualified leads, close the sale or show your customers you go above and beyond with post-sale interactions, video is the way to go. 

Examples of video for marketing and sales are testimonials, case studies, video tip series, frequently asked questions and product demonstrations. Ready to create video perfect for your marketing and sales needs? Contact us today!

Great places to use video for sales and marketing!


Email Marketing

Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate.

Web & Landing Pages

Including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Social Media

Video is shared 1200% more than links and text combined.

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Event Promotional

Build anticipation and excite your audience! Whether it’s for a service, product or event, promotional video has the emotional advantage needed to connect with and engage both potential and existing customers.



Products and services can be complex. Trying to describe with text how your product or service works can leave your audience frustrated and confused. Fortunately, when a viewer watches a product video their understanding increases by 74%. Product and service videos are so influential that after watching a product video online 64% of people are more likely to buy a product online.


Product Video

Creating an engaging sales pitch can be tough. Video can be the secret weapon of your sales team by captivating your viewers with colors, sounds, music and special effects. This creates an enjoyable experience while ensuring your target audience is being properly informed. By using video you can also guide your audience through the sales pitch at your speed, making sure to highlight the most important parts.


Business Introductions

Good content marketing makes your brand more human and alive. There’s no better medium for tapping human engagement than video. Build camaraderie with your customers by letting people see what goes on behind the scenes, showing off office quirks or revealing your all around awesome company culture! 


Brand Storytelling

You’re more likely to forge an initial relationship with your audience by focusing less on your products and services and more on your core values. By creating promotional videos you can share your values, mission and brand through video in ways that would be impossible through any other medium.



Commercials are one of the most traditional ways to market your business. Reach out and connect with your audience!