Welcome to VidReady

Today’s consumers are researchers. The internet has placed streams of information literally at our fingertips. The challenge for businesses is to somehow stand out from the crowd when competing with hundreds of similar websites and services.

Studies confirm that video is king in this arena. Search engines and customers both give precedence to relevant video content. People are far more likely to watch a video, even multiple times, than they are to read a block of text on a website. This rich medium gives the viewer a feeling connection and familiarity with the person behind the video. Check our Welcome to VidReady™ video for more details and to see the level of quality video we can produce for you.


Getting Started With VidReady


Are you VidReady?

The vast world of social media can be hard to traverse. Find out if you and your company are VidReady™.

How it Works

Video isn't for everyone, and it shouldn't be.  But it shouldn't take an outrageous amount of time or cost a fortune either.


The VidReady Process


The first step in the VidReady™ process is Getting to know you:

Once you’ve decided to move forward, we will execute a non-disclosure agreement and you will receive a short list of questions that will prepare you for a one-time discovery interview designed to help us get to know about you, your company, your products or service offerings, topics of interest, current marketing efforts and other information that will help your script writers to understand your business.  This will enable them to observe and emulate the way you speak and present information. (This is a one-time event that takes less than one-hour)  

Once this Discovery Interview is complete, the VidReady™ process is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

1. Topic Selection and Scripting


With an initial set of topics finalized during our initial meeting, using your phone or computer, you will consider each topic and just start talking about it.  Usually, the topics you’ll be discussing are those you address on a regular basis.  Research, if any, will depend on your existing knowledge of the topic.*

There is little stress here because there is no audience. You can start, stop, redo, whatever feels right.  Another cool benefit of this process is that expectations are low. These recordings are for your script writer ONLY and will not be shared with anyone else.  Don’t worry about rambling, grammar or continuity of thought, just let go and share what comes to your mind.  We will edit the information and come back to you with a finished script for review and edit, if necessary.

Some details about the topic might include: why it’s important, how it impacts clients, the benefits clients get from having a problem resolved (or not having the problem at all), and any other relevant information you believe might be engaging, educational and/or entertaining.  It's all about connecting with your customers. If you can think of a hook or grabber or any other creative ideas, you’ll be free to share them in your recording.

*We will provide you with tools and outlines to help you through this process


2. In-Studio Production & Editing

Once your scripts are approved, a final studio time and production team will be scheduled, and you will have a brief phone call with your director to discuss clothing, hair and make-up appropriate for optimizing the presence and message you want to convey.*

On the day of your shoot, your scripts will be set up on the teleprompter, studio quality lights and sound will be in place and you’ll do a few run-throughs to ensure you’re prepared and comfortable.

There will be a number of takes for each video to ensure there is adequate usable footage and content for your editor’s use in fashioning your final videos.

Your edited videos will be sent to you for review and approval.  Although rare, some minor revisions to your edits may be needed.    

*We will provide you with tools and outlines to help you through this process


3. Posting, Metrics and Tracking

Once your videos have been approved, they will be ready for distribution and posting, based on the posting plan and schedule agreed to during the topic selection process. Following this plan, we will implement pre-scheduled postings for each video to your website, blog, social media channels (Facebook, YouTube/Google+, Twitter, and others), and distribution of links that may be used by you, your team and associates, to share in emails, articles and other communications.

There is an old adage that “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.”  We agree.  Once your videos are posted, we will begin tracking and providing you with reports giving feedback on performance. This feedback includes: open rates, watch time, click-throughs, where viewers originate, etc. The evaluation of these metrics and other more personal feedback are critical to improving your video initiative’s quality and effectiveness.

Over time, these metrics will define where your future marketing efforts should be focused.

*We will provide you with tools and outlines to help you with this process




With over 40 years of collective experience producing video content and over a thousand videos under our belt, the VidReady™ team understands the challenges that keep most business people from entering and engaging in consistent video production, even though they clearly understand the value and power of this effective medium.

The premise that integration of video into electronic, web and social media communications dramatically increases engagement, conversion and sales, is undisputed and unchallenged.

Video makes a personal connection, giving people a sense of who you are, that you are competent and that you genuinely care... all feelings most often lost in text alone. This personal connection lowers resistance, and expedites development of rapport and credibility.

There are three primary factors that keep most people from jumping into the proven benefits of ongoing video production. They include:

Factor #1 - Fear of Public Speaking.

This misconception quickly changes and disappears when people experience the video production process for the first time. You will realize within a couple of minutes that there are only a small number of people in the room (2 or 3) and that all of those people are professionals with one shared goal in mind, to help you succeed by presenting you and your topic in a way that produces the best possible results. For years, we have helped coach people with all levels of experience and derive joy and satisfaction from helping our clients succeed and have fun in the process.

Factor #2 - Lack of Knowledge and Confidence.

This is why VidReady™ exists! You love what you do and we love what we do. We love video, we love teaching and we love serving clients and watching them succeed. We simplify and demystify video production. With our open approach, we are committed to making sure that you understand everything you need to know so you can make the best business decisions possible, without worrying about all the details of the video production and posting processes. We welcome and encourage questions and discussion.

Factor #3 - Amount of TIme, Effort and Money Needed.

Changing these perceptions is our favorite part of the VidReady™ process. As experts in the short-run video production space, we have developed best practices, processes and packages that eliminate a great deal of extra time, effort and financial cost usually associated with video production. These cost-effective, professional, services include development of topics and scripts, studio production, editing, posting and tracking.

Package Design

Annual, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly and daily packages are available and designed to meet your company’s specific needs and objectives.

We also specialize in development and production of training, product, HR and other short-format video projects in any quantity, from 1 to 1,000.